Rabu, 22 Februari 2012


  1. IdoL Maid
  2. MTV aLmighty
  3. B2ST on SHin PD Show
  4. B2ST MTV Documentary
  5. B2ST Manager SeLf Camera
  6. Live Perform B2ST
  7. Star GoLden BeLL with YoSeob n Junhyung
  8. Shin PD (eng Sub)
  9. Star GoLden BeLL with. DooJoon n HyunSeun feat. SHINee Onew
  10. All CUT B2ST at Star GoLden Bell (muLai 2008 s/d 2009)
  11. MTV B2ST Most Wanted
  12. KJE ChocoLate B2ST (no sub)
  13. idoL Maid ep. 10
  14. YoSeob at Oh! My School
  15. MBC DoSiRak with. YoSeob n JunHyung
  16. SeBwakWi DooJoon n HyunSeun CUT eng sub
  17. All My Love Ep. 1-16 (still cont.) SitKom with. Ga In, Jo Kwon n DooJoon
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